Session: Biomaterials



A biomaterial is a substance that has been created to engage with biological processes for diagnostic or therapeutic usesIn medical applications, natural or synthetic biomaterials are used to support, augment, or heal damaged tissue or biological activities. Biomaterials can be made from metals, ceramics, plastic, glass, and even biological cells and tissue. For usage in biomedical products and devices, they can be re-engineered into moulded or machined parts, coatings, fibers, films, foams, and textiles. Medical implants, methods to enhance human tissue repair, regenerated human tissues, molecular probes and nanoparticles, drug-delivery systems, and biosensors are all examples of biomaterials used by doctors, researchers, and bioengineers.

·         Applications of Biomaterials 
·         Types of Biomaterials
·         Evolution of Biomaterials
·         Biomaterials characterization
·         Biomaterials development (including smart biomaterials)
·         Biomaterials for specific medical applications