Session: Biomaterials in drug delivery system

Biomaterials in drug delivery system


Biomaterials play a vital role in the drug delivery system. Various kinds of drug delivery systems, surgical implants, wound closure devices, artificial organs generally depend on biomaterials. Biomaterials help in RNA transport that takes place in transgenic expression along with the regeneration of tissues and tissue growth. Nowadays, Hydrogels are entitled as the smart drug delivery systems which are usually used as sustained drug release systems that have importance in healing cancer. Vesicles or Extracellular media are used for delivering macromolecular drugs. Immunomodulation is modulating various features of the immune system, competence of regenerative medicine therapies and the power can be extended. Biomaterials can also be used for islet delivery and imaging.

·        Drug delivery methods
·        Drug Delivery Vehicles
·        Health implications of materials used for drug delivery
·        Controlled drug delivery
·        Biomaterial-based drug delivery systems