Session: Biophotonics



Biophotonics is a word that combines biology and photonics, where photonics being the science and technology of producing, manipulating, and detecting photons, which are quantum units of light. Photonics is a branch of science that deals with photons and electronics. Photons, like electrons in electronics, play a crucial part in information technologies like fiber optics. Biophotonics is an optical process in the biological system. An important feature of this field is sensing and imaging cells and tissues. According to a report by Grand View Research, San Francisco, CA, the global biophotonics market is estimated to reach $91.31 billion by 2024. New developments of nanotechnology-based photonics, enable the evolution of photonics-based medical devices and medical lasers. 

·         Photonics technologies
·         Microwave photonics 
·         Fiber optic Devices