Session: Dental Biomaterials

Dental Biomaterials


Natural tissues and biocompatible synthetic materials are used to replace decaying, broken, or shattered teeth in dental biomaterials. Metals, ceramics, polymers, and composite structures are examples of biocompatible synthetic dental materials. To minimize stresses in the restorations under occlusal loading, the designs of ceramic dental bridges and cavity shapes were optimized utilizing nature-inspired structural optimization approaches. Resin composites, cement, glass ionomers, ceramics, noble and base metals, amalgam alloys, gypsum materials, casting investments, impression materials, denture base resins, and other restorative materials are all examples of dental materials.

·        Resin-based composite wear and polymerization shrinkage
·        Fatigue behavior of restorative dental materials
·        Different types of Dental Materials
·        Biomaterials for Dental Applications