Session: Polymer Biomaterials

Polymer Biomaterials


Polymer biomaterials can be employed within biological environments over a long or short time. This property approves their use for the substitute of several sorts of tissues. Polymers are the macromolecules attained by the repetition of a basic chemical unit numerous times. Several polymers are biocompatible so that they can be used as biomaterials. Biodegradable Biomaterials are Polyactide, Polyglycolide, etc are important as they renew tissue and do not leave any remaining marks upon transplantation. These are mostly used for cartilage repair, tissue screws, and drug delivery systems.

·         Polymer Applications
·         Polymer Colloid and Interface
·         Polymer Analysis and Characterization
·         Bio macromolecules, Biobased and Biodegradable Polymers